Chicago Rear End Accident Lawyer

Chicago Rear End Accident Lawyer

Rear end collisions are common in Chicago, as in most major cities, particularly in heavy traffic areas. Even less serious “fender bender” rear end accidents can cause serious soft-tissue injuries with long-term effects. More serious rear-end crashes can cause catastrophic injuries or death. For example, a large commercial truck hits a much lighter passenger vehicle from behind.

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Our team of Chicago rear-end accident lawyers has decades of experience and a high success rate recovering settlements and verdicts for our clients. If you have been injured in a rear-end accident, schedule a consultation with our Chicago injury attorneys to find out if we can help.

Tailgating and Rear-End Accidents in Chicago

Following too closely is a common cause of rear-end collisions in Chicago. When drivers fail to allow enough space between their vehicle and the one ahead, there may not be enough time to stop to avoid a crash. For this reason, in most rear-end accidents, the driver that hits the vehicle in front is found at fault for the accident. He or she may be held liable for injury to the other driver and passengers.

Comparative Negligence in Chicago Rear-End Collisions

Insurance companies will try to put the blame on the driver who was hit from behind. If the injured party in a rear end collision is found to have some percentage of fault for the accident that is 50% or less, that person’s award for damages is reduced accordingly.

There are certain circumstances, although difficult to prove, in which the driver ahead may be found at fault. When the driver in front suddenly stops or decelerates for no valid reason, the driver behind may not have adequate time to stop. Even if a safe distance was maintained between the two vehicles, it can be difficult to stop in time. In such cases, the driver in front may be found at fault for stopping too quickly or for no legitimate reason.

Other Causes of Rear-End Accidents in Chicago

Chicago Rear-End Accident Lawyer

Many rear-end collisions result from the negligence of the driver behind. In addition to tailgating, common causes of rear-end accidents include:

  • Impaired driving: Someone driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs may cause a rear end crash due to slow response time.
  • Distracted driving: Driver distraction can lead to traffic crashes, including rear-end accidents. For example, texting takes the driver’s attention off the road for five seconds at a time, as stated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).
  • Speeding: The faster a vehicle is traveling, the more time and distance is required to stop. Driving at excessive speeds is a common cause of rear-end accidents.

No matter the cause, rear-end collisions often cause serious injuries, including:

Chicago Rear-End Accident Lawyers are Here to Help You

After a rear end accident with injuries, it is in your best interests to have a team of experienced Chicago car accident attorneys on your side. Get in touch with Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates to find out what we can do to help you recover full and fair compensation for your losses.

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