Carpenter Falls 8 Feet Resulting In A Neck Fusion C5-c7 ($2.2 Million)

A Local 174 Union Carpenter recovered $2.2 million after falling 8 feet while on the job.

The Case

The carpenter was installing green treated lumber which was bolted to the top of the foundation. The carpenter was walking along the foundation wall and tripped over one of the anchor bolts and fell into the basement.

In-Depth Look

Clifford Horwitz and the lead trial team at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates argued that the general contractor did not provide proper fall protection and rushed the job. The defendant argued that they were in fact not in control of the jobsite. The defendant also argued that the plaintiff was not keeping a proper lookout and that this risk of injury was a normal risk in the trade. Ultimately, the union carpenter recovered $2.2 million.