Carpenter Falls Due To Lack Of Scaffolding ($1.45 Million)

A Union Carpenter recovered a $1.45 million settlement after suffering a severe neck injury.

The Case

Due to a lack of scaffolding and the presence of an anchor bolt trip hazard surrounding the area, the carpenter fell off of a foundation wall and suffered a severe neck injury.

In-Depth Look

The general contractor, through its insurance carrier, defended the case claiming that the alleged hazards were simply the manner and environment in which the carpenters performed their work duties. Based on this tenuous rationale, the insurance carrier argued that the general contractor was not at fault. Further, it claimed that the carpenter should have been aware of where he was walking.

The lead trial team at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates negotiated and recovered a fair and just settlement for the carpenter, holding the general contractor responsible, in part, for the carpenter’s injuries.