Drug Technician Trips On Gravel Injuring Her Back ($900,000)

A 52 year-old drug technician recovered $900,000.00 after suffering a back injury.

The Case

The drug technician was walking from her car into the facility of a major energy company when she slipped on loose gravel due to defectively poured asphalt.

In-Depth Look

The defendant argued that the drug technician previously had back surgery and a herniated disk at the same area so that the injuries were not due to the fall. Further, they argued that the defect, about 2 inches, was so tiny as not to constitute a defect at all. In addition, the defendant took video surveillance of the plaintiff and argued that she had an excellent recovery.

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates’ attorneys argued that a suitable pathway was not provided on the premises.

In the end, the matter settled on a highly disputed basis.