IronWorker’s Arm Crushed By An Outrigger ($2.7 Million)

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates’ attorneys represented a union Local 444 Iron Worker who suffered a severe left arm fracture. They recovered $2.7 million on his behalf.

The Case

The Local 444 ironworker’s arm was severely fractured and crushed when an operator negligently retracted a crane outrigger while the plaintiff was standing near a pinch point. The ironworker was taking the crane apart when this occurred.

In-Depth Look

The attorney for the defendant argued that the ironworker should have known the outrigger was going to be retracted. They claimed the ironworker should not have placed his arm near the outrigger in the first place.

The Horwitz trial team argued that the crane operator was responsible for making sure that the area was clear and the client recovered $2.7 million.