Plant Manager Trips On Dangerous Rug ($700,000)

A plant manager recovered $700,000.00 after suffering from an injury caused by a defective rug.

The Case

The rug had been placed and maintained by G&K Services. The manager suffered a herniated disk that required surgery.

In-Depth Look

The defendant claimed that the rug was safe. They further claimed the plant manager’s herniated disk was a preexisting condition.

The attorneys from Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates alleged that G&K supplied the wrong type of rug to a commercial flat floor. G&K improperly supplied rugs designed for carpets, which had small gripping pins on the bottom. However, the company should have supplied rugs designed for flat floors. As a result, the rugs had a tendency to curl.

Through reenactment evidence, Clifford Horwitz established that the rug could easily be kicked up. He was able to prove the danger posed by the rug and the plant manager recovered $700,000.00.