Shorewood Resident Receives Jury Verdict In His Favor After Stepping In Pothole ($1.2883 Million)

A Shorewood resident was awarded a $1,288,300 jury verdict after suffering from an aggravated preexisting arthritic knee condition that required a knee replacement.

The Case

The Shorewood resident stepped into a pothole six inches wide and two inches deep after exiting Thorton’s Gas Station.

In-Depth Look

Clifford Horwitz and Jay Luchsinger, both from the lead trial team at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, represented the plaintiff.

The attorneys for the defendant argued that the man did not seek medical treatment until one week after his accident. They attempted to show he took photos of the injury before he received treatment to exaggerate the injury. In addition, the defendant argued that the defect in the gas station was minor. They attempted to show that the accident did not, in fact, cause the knee condition and that the knee condition was preexisting.

Horwitz and Luchsinger successfully rebutted these claims and the jury awarded the man with a $1,288,300 verdict.