Can dashboard cameras be used as evidence?

As the Illinois General Assembly explains, accident victims have the right to pursue compensation from the negligent drivers who caused their injuries. However, claimants must tie their injuries to the accident and demonstrate liability. This may require eyewitness testimonies, police reports, doctors’ records, photographs and other evidence, which your accident attorney can aid in gathering.

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Can dashboard cameras be used as evidence

Gathering Evidence after a Car Accident

There are several types of evidence that your personal injury lawyer may use to prove liability and the extent of your damages. In addition to the police report and photos from the scene, footage from dashboard cameras is also admissible in court. This may help strengthen your claim.

In what ways are dashboard cameras helpful?

Witnesses play a crucial role in personal-injury cases, as the Department of Motor Vehicles explains. Unfortunately, reliable witnesses are sometimes hard to find. A dashboard camera, however, can capture footage of the conditions leading to the crash.

More Europeans have dashboard cameras than Americans. In Europe, some insurance providers offer benefits for installing these devices. However, they are growing in popularity in the United States because they can help prove liability in the event of an accident. They can also record police stops, which may help if an officer violates your rights.

How do dashboard cameras work?

These devices are small and easy to attach to the dashboard. Some can also attach to the windshield.
Dashboard cameras record everything that occurs while you are on the road. Some are designed for the rear window so you can document everything happening behind you, as well.

Your dash cam will switch on automatically when you start your car. It will likely run on your car’s outlet, so you do not have to charge a battery.

If the memory card gets full, it will overwrite existing footage. This is a problem if you neglect to download it for safe storage. Save your footage as soon as possible after the crash so you do not lose valuable evidence.

Are there legal concerns surrounding the use of dashboard cameras?

A dashboard camera is valuable in several scenarios, but you will have to comply with a few legal regulations. If installed by the driver, it cannot exceed 5 inches in size. If you attach it to the passenger side, this restriction is 7 inches. Furthermore, you have to tell your passengers that you are recording both audio and images.

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