How Do I Hold a Ladder Manufacturer Accountable?



How do I find a lawyer in the state of Florida who has successfully argued cases involving injuries from a defective ladder? I understand this type of case, where the aluminum legs collapse, is expensive to pursue and nearly impossible to win.
We have run up bills in excess of $70,000 from the injury but I’m told this type of case is generally untouchable and too expensive, unless death, brain damage or severe-permanent spinal injury results from the accident?

–Stan, Aurora, CO


Not many lawyers have successfully sued ladder manufacturers. They are very expensive to prosecute. We spent over $200,000.00 prosecuting a ladder case against the manufacturer of a ladder.
Since there may be caps on damages in Fla., there is little motive for any attorney to get involved.
Caps simply immunize large corporations from being sued for the more severe injuries on expensive case and therefore free corporations from liability. This is why the Republican party votes to limit damages. Big business pays for their campaigns.