My Employer is Not Paying What They Should



I am a dealer at a casino. I developed trigger finger from dealing and had surgery Fri 8-30-02. My employer is not paying the proper amount of comp and they are taxing it to boot.



Most casino cases used to fall under the Jones Act. Due to some new case law, it appears that Illinois Workers Compensation laws will now apply to protect casino employees. That’s good news for Casino workers suffering from similar injuries to you. The Casino is obligated to pay 2/3rds of you weekly wage tax free in Illinois. I note that you live in Illinois, but work in Indiana. Indiana WC laws are atrocious due to a strong Republican party. They have stripped the working man and women of any chance for justice when they have been injured on the job or by the negligence of someone else. Instead injuries devastate their lives, family and careers. The injured resort to welfare rolls and insurance carriers get wealthier.
There is a famous story about a lobbyist in Indiana who lobbied for the wealthy and powerful doctors and corporations. He helped convince the legislature to put a $750,000 cap on medical malpractice cases.
Ironically, he became the victim of medical malpractice. His injury was very severe. He incurred over a million dollars in medical bills to treat the condition. However, he couldn’t even receive compensation for the medical bills due to the ridiculous laws that were passed. I guess the taxpayers ended up footing his medical bills rather than the negligent doctor. The careless doctor continues to practice and maintain wealth and power. That is Republican justice.
Anyway, this man subsequently wrote extensively about how he regretted his past lobbying and indicated that he was now dying due to the malpractice and is bankrupt at the same time.
I suggest you retain an attorney to protect you and even the playing field with the Casino, at least to the extent Indiana law permits.