My Husband was Injured 3 Years Ago… Is there a Way I can Get the OSHA Report?



My husband was injured 3 years ago. His foot was caught in a hydraulic cylinder and was cut off. The foot was reattached. The doctor said now that there is nothing more he can do. The accident happened three years ago. Now they have recommended amputating from the knee down. We have opted to save the foot. The foot has been fused at the ankle. He can walk but with lots of pain. I am ready to settle with workman comp. I also would like to sue the manufacturer of the machine. How do I get started? I want my husband to live a normal life and not have to struggle every day with Social Security and workman’s compensation. The injury happened at Building Products and they were fined by OSHA. Is there a way I can get the OSHA report. Would that help my case?

–Deanna, Hecker, IL


Tragically, the statute of limitations on products liability actions is only two years. There is a four year statute of limitations on construction-related actions.
I am sorry.