Top 5 strange personal injury cases

Injuries can lead to expensive medical bills and impact your ability to work and support yourself and your family. But when you’re injured in an accident or incident that was caused by someone else, you could be entitled to compensation to cover all the costs and damages associated with your injury. 

Collecting the compensation that you’re entitled to requires that you put together a strong claim. An experienced personal injury attorney from Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates is available to review your case.

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Weather woes

For a party to be found negligent, it must be proven that they owed you a duty or responsibility, that the duty was breached, that their breach caused an accident, and that you suffered damages or injury as a result of that breach.

The legal concept of negligence has been applied in some truly odd personal injury cases, including one against a weatherman who said the day would be sunny.

In the 1996 case, a woman from Tel Aviv, Israel dressed for sunny weather, but found herself in the rain. Blaming the weatherman’s predictions, she sued for damages associated with the cold she caught after having dressed incorrectly. 

To collect in such a situation, it would need to be proven that the weatherman had a duty to provide accurate forecasts and that their breach of this duty was the cause of the injuries that were sustained.

These pants must have cost a pretty penny

Sometimes, the facts and circumstances of an attempted personal injury case are surprising in terms of their interesting – and often flawed – logic. 

One such case emerged where a man whose pants were lost by a dry cleaner took their customer satisfaction guarantee to an unreasonable level. After losing his pants, the man sued the dry cleaner for $54 million. 

You can only collect compensation for damages that you can prove, and the court found that the man could not prove that his pants were worth $54 million. He also couldn’t prove that the dry cleaner’s guarantee of customer satisfaction would require them to pay $54 million for a pair of lost pants.

The damages that you’re entitled to for your personal injury include property damage, medical bills, and lost wages and earnings. These damages must be proven with evidence. If you’re seeking out $54 million for a pair of lost pants, it must be proven that the pants were in fact worth that much.

Lookalike litigation

In another interesting recent case, a person who looks like Michael Jordan, the basketball star famous for his tenure with the Chicago Bulls, has sued both Michael Jordan and Nike for damages. 

The lookalike asserts that his life is complicated by the fact that people constantly refer to him as looking like Michael Jordan. Since Nike helped make Jordan so famous, they were liable for his perceived damages as well.

Needless to say, the man who thought he looked like Michael Jordan failed in his attempt to sue for $832 million in compensation. To collect $832 million in damages, evidence must be produced to demonstrate the loss, and the man could not. 

Your personal injury attorney collects all the evidence you need in support of your case.

Butter is better

One unhappy customer of Dunkin Donuts in Massachusetts learned that his bagels were not being buttered with actual butter, but margarine or another butter replacement. Having paid $.25 for the “butter,” he put together a class action lawsuit. 

He sued 23 Dunkin Donuts locations, demanding that customers who had received a butter substitute would be entitled to three free bagels in the future, Dunkin Donuts would have to use real butter or advertise their use of a substitute, and the man who filed would earn $500 as the class representative. 

Damages might be low here, but the man did not receive what he paid for as advertised and could be rightfully entitled to compensation.

strange personal injury cases

Sued for…being kidnapped?

When a criminal convinced the couple he had kidnapped to shake his hand and agree not to call the authorities on him, he expected them to honor the handshake as though it were a contract. 

Unfortunately, when someone is using coercion or force to make an agreement, it’s not enforceable in court.

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