Can You Fire Your Lawyer?



Can you fire your lawyer?
I feel that he is not doing what he should be doing. I have over 8 doctors and 6 are worker’s comp that say I have RSD and it is spreading. My doctors say I can not return to work. Workers Comp doctors say 2 to 4 hours a day which I have already tried and can’t.
Everytime I talk to him he says that he is getting things ready for trial. But this has been since November, he has been my lawyer since this started almost 3 years ago. Now Worker’s Comp has stopped my checks again saying I am not doing what their doctors say. He seems not to care but this is my life and I didn’t ask for all the pain and stuff I have now and will have the rest of my life. I have been doing everything Workers Comp says and this is how it is now.
Please help me!

–Pam, Mackinaw, IL


RSD can be devastating. There is a dispute about its existence among some medical professionals. Insurance companies hire physicians to defend cases, who are of the opinion that RSD doesn’t exist and that it is all psychiatric.
RSD cases require hard work by the lawyer. Many lawyers don’t want to work that hard. This is why Illinois has a rule that allows an injured person to fire her lawyer at anytime due to a lack of faith or confidence. Hence, based on your description, you should hire a lawyer you have trust and confidence in.