How much does it cost to sue a hospital?

When you have been harmed by someone in a medical institution, you may need help answering the question, “How much does it cost to sue a hospital?” Understanding all the expenses involved is easier when you work with a skilled attorney who can discuss court fees, attorney’s fees, and other charges you may face.

Fortunately, you can begin the process with a free initial consultation at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates. When you need guidance from qualified Chicago medical malpractice lawyers, let us help.

how much does it cost to sue a hospital

How much does it cost to sue a hospital after a medical malpractice occurs?

Under Illinois law, you can sue a hospital for medical malpractice. As we discuss the details of your case, our attorneys will explain items such as the lawsuit filing fee, typically between $100 and $500. Your case may require us to hire medical and medical device design experts for their testimony.

All your costs, including our attorneys’ payments, will be taken from the settlement or jury award if your case succeeds. We are always upfront and honest with you about the costs you will pay us for our legal services because we believe in transparency. Once you meet with us for your initial consultation, we will provide you with a fee schedule. You will then be able to determine if you want to move forward with us or not based on the total cost involved.

How do you pay attorney fees when suing a hospital?

Technically, you do not pay us, but the settlement you receive does. As we assess your situation, we can fully estimate your damages, including financial and non-financial losses you have suffered. We can negotiate with the hospital’s insurance company, or we may need to move your case to court by filing a lawsuit. If you win and the case is funded, a portion of the settlement is used to pay off anyone you owe, including your attorney. The rest of the money is then sent to you to use for any needs you have.

Why is a contingency fee structure like this so important?

When our clients have been hurt due to the negligence of a hospital, they may be unable to work, face large medical bills, and have pain that limits their quality of life. In these situations, you deserve to have a dedicated attorney by your side without paying out of pocket for those costs.

In many instances, clients cannot earn an income and often do not have the money to pay an attorney’s retention fee upfront. We understand these worries and offer free case reviews and a contingency payment structure. It helps you get the legal representation you need to secure the financial relief you deserve.

If, for any reason, you do not win your case, we will not take any action against you to recover our losses. We are passionate about helping our clients get results, which shows in everything we do. Expect us to fight for you to get the compensation you are owed.

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