Bicyclist Killed In Ivesdale Car Accident on East Road

Cyclist Died In Collision With Vehicle On 750 North 1500 East Road In Ivesdale

Bicyclist Killed In Ivesdale Car Accident on East Road

IVESDALE, ILLINOIS (September 30, 2023) – A bicyclist has tragically died in a Ivesdale car accident along 750 North 1500 East Road, according to Illinois State Police.

Piatt County officials are saying that the accident took place around 9:43 a.m. on Wednesday. A car struck a cyclist heading down the road.

Paramedics were called to the scene of the collision in order to help the victim. Sadly, the bicyclist died due to their injuries.

His name is being withheld pending notification of his next of kin. A full investigation into the collision remains ongoing at this time.

Liability For Ivesdale Car Accidents

Thousands of people are killed or seriously injured every year in bicycle accidents. According to the Centers for Disease Control, “Bicycle trips make up only 1% of all trips in the United States. However, bicyclists account for over 2% of people who die in a crash involving a motor vehicle on our nation’s roads.” Cars can be particularly dangerous to bicyclists for a number of reasons.

  • A car can easily cross into a bicycle lane.
  • A driver may fail to see a bicyclist in their blind spot.
  • A car may fail to slow down to avoid hitting a bicyclist.

A large number of fatal bicycle accidents involve drivers who were speeding. Pursuant to Illinois Vehicle Code (625 ILCS 5/11-601), no driver shall operate a vehicle at a speed greater than what is reasonable or safe given the prevailing conditions of the roadway. If a driver fails to slow down to avoid hitting a bicyclist, this could form the basis of a negligence claim. Many steps should be taken after any bicycle accident.

  • Eye witnesses should be interviewed.
  • Medical records should be preserved.
  • Surveillance footage should be sought.
  • A thorough investigation should be conducted.

There are many factors that could lead to a bicycle accident. At the end of the day, evidence is what will ultimately show who was at fault regardless of what any person may claim. The family of any person that died in a bicycle accident may be able to seek some measure of justice through a wrongful death claim.

Investigating Illinois Bicycle Accidents

We at Horwitz Horwitz & Associates extend our deepest condolences to the family of the cyclist killed in this collision. Any person that may know what happened should reach out to police. There needs to be some accountability for what happened.

Have you or someone that you care about been injured in a Ivesdale car accident? Our team of bicycle safety advocates are here to help in any way that we can. We care deeply that accident victims are aware of their rights and that those rights are being protected. Whether you just have legal questions or need a free, independent investigation into any collision we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (312) 564-4256.