Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates Proudly Announces 3 New Partners

Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates – New Partners

Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael T. Wierzbicki

Mike Wierzbicki is an aggressive trial lawyer who is passionate about helping people who have been seriously injured. Although fair and just out-of-court settlements have many merits, Mike is especially interested in – and successful at prevailing in – complex litigation involving difficult-to-prove cases of serious injury.

Since joining Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates in 2002, Mike has become a force with distinction, obtaining many millions of dollars in verdicts and settlements for personal injury victims and their families. He consistently fights for the powerless against insurance companies, corporations and government agencies. Mike is especially familiar with medical issues because, early on in his legal career, he defended doctors and hospitals in medical malpractice cases.

Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

Michael D. Carter

Michael is an experienced trial and appellate lawyer with experience in brain and spinal cord injury cases.  Michael has a strong working knowledge of medicine, and he is well-versed in the medical aspects of injury litigation.  In addition to a strong working knowledge of the brain, the spine (vertebra, discs, and spinal cord), shoulder and knee, Michael has unique knowledge of neuropsychological tests.  For over one decade Michael has studied the methods of communicating complex issues to a jury through oral communication, regular exhibits and computer aided graphics.

Michael has had numerous successes at trial and with settling civil case.  In mid 2010 he and attorney Mike Wierzbicki recovered over $1 million for a client suffering from an unoperated herniated disc.  Among his successes are cases against firms such as General Motors, Daimler-Chrysler, Gehl Company, Wal-Mart, Ariens, Webco, Burlington Northern Sante Fe Railroad, Clorox, TIG Insurance, Alden Northmoor Nursing Home and GlenBridge Nursing &Rehabilitation Center.

Illinois Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Mark Weissburg

Mark Weissburg excels at explaining the basic rights and benefits of workers’ compensation and the often unknown roles of insurance adjusters, doctors and lawyers.  Mark Weissburg devotes his entire law practice to workers’ compensation and to other closely related areas of the law. Mark has helped thousands of injured workers get their share of the millions of dollars of benefits they are entitled to.

To make the powerful field of workers’ compensation more understandable to injured Illinois laborers, Mark authored a 2007 paperback titled How to Win a Worker’s Compensation Claim in Illinois.   As Mark explains in the text, the severity of workplace injuries covered by workers’ compensation varies widely. Many of Mark’s clients have experienced extremely severe injuries. But even when an injury is less disabling, Mark knows how to manage the workers’ compensation claim that follows. A workers’ compensation attorney, armed with experience and the knowledge of countless rules and regulations can achieve a better settlement or trial result.