Two Construction Site Accidents Lead to Tragedy in Chicago

Each year, thousands of workers die on the job across the United States. A significant portion of these deaths takes place on construction sites, where heavy machinery and a variety of dangerous equipment are common.

It is clear that a construction site is a dangerous place to work. A quick look at the incident rates shows just how many people fall victim to these accidents, often through no fault of their own.

The United States Department of Labor claims that 4,405 workers died on the job in 2013. Of these, 3,929 worker fatalities were in the private sector, and the leading causes of these deaths were falls, object collisions and electrocution.
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Worker Dies on Northwestern University Campus

The Chicago Tribune reports that a construction worker died on the Northwestern University campus. A beam struck the man, and he fell to his death from six stories. Investigators say a construction crane knocked the beam loose, which then struck the worker.
The fall caused head and chest injuries to the man. Emergency workers were unable to revive him, and he died on the scene shortly before 9 a.m.
The accident was at the site of the new school of music and communications building. Work at the site stopped immediately, and a university spokesperson said it was unclear when work would recommence.
The accident resulted in no other injuries. Officials conducted a full investigation including an autopsy on the victim.

Man Dies in Eaglewood Construction Accident

ABC7 reports that a man died at a construction site in Eaglewood. A heavy piece of machinery landed on the man, and he was unable to move. The accident happened shortly before 1 p.m. on South May Street.
Officials did not identify what the exact use of the machine is, but they believe the machine recycles construction site paving. The machine either pulled the victim under or it fell on top of him, and he became trapped.
Emergency workers were quick to arrive at the scene, but they were not able to help the injured man or even transport him to hospital before he died.
The victim worked for subcontractor GA Construction. The owner of the construction company visited the scene and spoke to media, saying he was a hard worker and a good family man.
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