Favorable Jury Verdict For Ironworker After Injuring His Shoulder Twice ($2.712 Million)

A union Local 1 IronWorker received a $2.712 million jury verdict in a case tried by Clifford Horwitz and Jay Luchsinger. Before trial, the defendant’s offer was $300,000.00.

The Case

The IronWorker was on top of the iron ready to receive a load of steel when the crane operator failed to follow hand signals properly and caused the load to strike the IronWorker, causing a torn rotator cuff and surgery. After the surgery, the IronWorker returned to work for many months, when he reinjured the same shoulder and tore the same rotator cuff as a result of swinging a hammer.

In-Depth Look

Clifford Horwitz and Jay Luchsinger argued that the two injuries were connected and that the ironworker should be compensated for both injuries. The defendant argued that the operator properly lifted the load but that the injury was the IronWorker’s fault. The defendant further argued that the IronWorker returned to work and had a good recovery. The jury agreed with Horwitz and Luchsinger and awarded a $2.7 million verdict.