Iron Worker Trips On Scaffold Outrigger In Hallway ($2.43 Million)

A Local 1 Union IronWorker recovered $2.43 million after suffering a torn rotator cuff and fractured clavicle that resulted in a loss of career.

The Case

The IronWorker tripped on a scaffold outrigger that was blocking a hallway access to work.

In-Depth Look

Clifford Horwitz and Jay Luchsinger, part of the lead trial team at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, alleged that if a scaffold was to be set up in a hallway, then it must allow clear access through the hallway or the hallway should be blocked off. The defendant, general contractor J.P. Phillips, alleged that the IronWorker was not watching where he was going and should have just stepped over the 6-inch tall outrigger.