Kankakee Pace Worker Moving A Pallet Injures Back And Neck ($477,000 Plus Medical)

A PACE worker recovered $477,000.00 after suffering a herniated disk, which resulted from a work-related accident.

The Case

The employer disputed that the accident caused the injury in question. The workers’ compensation insurance carrier cut off the injured workers’ weekly benefits, starving the employee financially while refusing to pay for a prescribed neck surgery necessary to treat his herniated disk.

In-Depth Look

Marc Perper, a workers’ compensation attorney and Partner at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, filed an emergency hearing and tried the case in Kankakee with testimony from two spinal surgeons. Perper recovered 175 weeks in back pay of Temporary Total Disability (TTD) benefits and payment of medical bills. Ultimately, the case settled for $477,000.00, in addition to the payment of medical expenses and past wage loss. Sadly, the PACE worker died of unrelated causes after the case was settled.