One Of The Largest Workers’ Compensation Recoveries In Illinois ($1.8 Million)

A woman who worked in the bakery department at Jewel Foods recovered $1.8 million plus lost wages and medical bills.

The Case

The woman developed carpal tunnel syndrome in one hand as a result of her work. After a routine carpal tunnel procedure, she developed a complication known as Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, or RSD.

In-Depth Look

The Complex Regional Pain Syndrome caused disabling pain that spread through her body. At many times she was restricted to a wheelchair. Her chronic pain condition could not be cured. Part of the settlement was for future handicapped housing, a wheelchair accessible van, medications, and lost wages.

Workers’ Compensation recoveries are limited by statute. There is no right to trial by jury or compensation for pain and suffering. Hence, a $1.8 million dollar recovery represents one of the highest Workers’ Compensation settlements in Illinois.