Over $3 million settlement awarded to union carpenter injured by a moving cart.

September 21, 2022. A union carpenter who was hired to disassemble office furniture was severely injured when the company owner instructed him to help unload supplies from the company truck.  During unloading of the company truck, a company employee moved an overloaded panel cart onto the liftgate, lost control of the loaded cart and allowed it to fall onto our client.  Our client sustained numerous injuries including fractured ribs and pelvis. We demonstrated that the moving company unloading process was unsafe and violated industry standards regarding cargo securement and unloading.  Mike Wierzbicki, lead attorney for Horwitz Horwitz & Associates, negotiated a favorable settlement, awarding the injured worker $3.235 million. All other details regarding the case remain confidential.

Mike Wierzbicki concentrates on trucking accident litigation, and this is one of a long line of recoveries he has achieved on behalf of our clients.