Plumber Apprentice Fractures Right Arm After Tripping On Pipe (1.54 Million)

A Local 93 Union Plumber Apprentice recovered $1.54 million as a result of an incident on Racine Avenue in Chicago, which resulted in a complicated fracture of the radius requiring extensive treatment.

The Case

The plumber apprentice tripped over scrap pipe in a hallway of the condominium building under construction.

In-Depth Look

The attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates argued that Marous Brothers Quest, a joint venture and the company using the scrap pipe failed to keep the area clean.

The defendant argued that the plumber apprentice had a duty to watch where she was going and did not fulfill that duty. The Horwitz trial team responded that the building was dark, had insufficient lighting, and further, the general contractor should not have permitted admittance to the building when there was inadequate lighting. Instead, the general contractor left the door unlocked and trades were going into the building to work before work hours.