3 Important Questions Regarding Construction Accidents


Important Questions Regarding Construction Accidents

Construction workers play a vital role in social development by erecting houses, offices and bridges, as well as maintaining and repairing infrastructure. Their work is difficult and dangerous, and they operate in some of the most hazardous and taxing situations. Despite strict safety regulations, construction site accidents still occur, and when they do, you should know how to react.
If you are injured on a work-site, a Chicago personal injury lawyer may be able to help you evaluate and file your claim. You could be entitled to compensation for your medical expenses and lost wages, and a construction accident lawyer can help determine if you have a valid case.
At Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates, we have been representing the injured since 1924, and our track record speaks for itself – we have obtained what was the largest verdict in Illinois history after an Iron Worker fell and was left paralyzed from a job-site accident. Call us today at (800)-985-1819 to schedule an appointment, and read on for three common queries about Chicago construction work accidents.

What does the construction sector include?

According to the United States Census Bureau, the construction sector falls within the goods-producing industry. The construction sector is mainly engaged in the construction of buildings and various engineering projects like highways, city services and utility systems. This sector also includes organizations that prepare sites for construction, as well as those that focus on subdividing land for the purpose of sale.
There is no set limit on what construction work includes. It could be new work, maintenance, adding to existing structures or performing emergency repairs. A head office usually manages this work from a central location, but project sites pop up at various locations.

How many people die from construction injuries?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention claim that in 2009, construction workers in the private industry had a very high fatal occupational injury rate. At 9.7 deaths per 100,000, it was approximately three times higher than that of workers in other industries across the United States.
Three of the ten occupations with the highest fatal injury numbers fall within the general description of construction work. These include roofers, iron workers and general laborers. There has been a slight drop in the number of construction accidents since 2008, and the distribution of fatalities has also changed, but it remains one of the most dangerous industries to date.

What are the most common fatal construction injuries?

Since 2009, fatal injuries to carpenters and electricians have increased while those among construction managers, painters and truck drivers decreased. According to the CDC, falls make up more than one-third of fatal construction injuries, and almost 50 percent of all fatal falls over the same time period were to construction workers.
If you are a construction worker, it is important to know your rights in the event of a fall. If you are suffering from injuries sustained on an Illinois construction site, call Chicago accident attorneys at Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates for advice.
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