Along with a Back Injury, My Boss’ Treatment Changed



I have recently hurt my back at work. I have been going through therapy for the last 3 days and nothing has changed with one exception – my boss. I have been working for this company for going on 5 years now and my boss has been a really good guy to me for those years until recently.
Now, he is royally pissed at me and all he can seem to think about is his Workman’s Comp Insurance going up because of this. I am still going to the doctor and doing everything by the book, the way I am told to do. My hours have been cut back a little due to doctor’s appointments which hits the wallet pretty good, and recently he told me he would have to cut my hours back cause I couldn’t do as much as I used to right now cause of back pains and basically he’s covering himself.
First thing is, I have yet to hear from anyone pertaining to workman’s comp, therefore I don’t know if he has turned it in or not, I don’t dare ask cause I fear making him mad and then he might decide to cut my hours back even worse. I think he is trying to get me to quit or something, I have absolutely no intentions of quitting, cause he has been a total ass every since I got hurt and told him I was going to a doctor to get it checked.
When I got back from the doctor I gave him a sheet to turn into workman’s comp and he got mad and every since he has been really unprofessional, sarcastic and hateful and like today there was no work so I went home. I am stuck between a rock and a hard place and have no idea of what to do. I know my back is messed up pretty good and it needs more than likely surgery but right now I am in the process of getting a referral for a neurologist and also I am going to get a note from my doctor to keep me off work.
I have no clue what workman’s comp pays for a person that is off work due to work related illness, what is the percentage for Illinois? Somewhere along the way either workman’s comp is dragging or my boss is dragging thinking if he rides me long enough I’ll quit, ain’t gonna happen. I am in desperate need of some input.



Your employer sounds heartless. Why did he buy insurance? He bought it to protect employees like you from the ravages of injury. Here, you are discussing a situation where you may need back surgery. This will impact you for life. Your employer could care less. It’s amazing to me.
My advice is to file a Workers Compensation claim immediately! Why? Its protection. First, if he fires you before you file a Workers Compensation claim, you could not file a claim against his company for wrongful termination. If he fires you after you file a WC claim, you would have a potential claim for wrongful termination. You cannot be fired for filing a WC claim. In addition, if you are unable to work due to the accident, then the WC carrier must pay you 2/3 of your weekly wage. The payments are tax free.
It’s also critically important you continue to get treatment as you are doing. See specialists as you are doing. Do not let the employer deter you from getting proper treatment. You only live once. Don’t let your greedy employer destroy your rights. File your claim now.