Chicago Accident Lawyer Highlights Important Tire-Maintenance Tips

When most drivers think of vehicle safety features – airbags, seat-belts and anti-lock brakes come to mind. Many people forget that their tires are the only points of contact with the road, and as such, proper tire maintenance is essential for accident prevention.
Tire malfunctions, such as flats and blowouts, are leading causes of crashes in the United States. In fact, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, up to 400 people die and 10,000 sustain injuries each year due to tire-related issues.
Every vehicle maintenance schedule should include an evaluation of the tires to help ensure proper tire maintenance. In addition to checking the pressure, you should regularly balance, align and rotate your tires.

Keep Your Tires Aligned

If the tires are not properly aligned, then the car may be difficult to handle. In addition, improperly aligned tires can reduce the vehicle’s fuel economy. If you notice handling issues or you are purchasing new tires, it may be in your best interest to have a reputable mechanic align your tires properly.

Balance Your Tires

In addition to aligning the tires, balancing them regularly can help improve the handling. Many drivers choose to balance and align their tires at the same time. According to the AAA, balancing your tires will increase their lifespan and limit uneven wear on the tread.
If you are replacing a flat tire or notice changes in the handling of the vehicle, it may be in your best interest to have your tires balanced.

Rotate Your Tires

Rotating your tires is another way to enhance their lifespan. This may also prevent blowouts at high speeds.
Your tires handle different loads, and they perform a range of tasks relevant to steering and braking. As such, if you fail to rotate them at the appropriate times, then they may develop uneven wear.
It may be in your best interest to have a certified technician rotate your tires approximately every 6,000 miles, or as instructed by the owner’s manual. Bear in mind that you should not rotate certain car tires because they may be performing a function that is relative to a specific position on your vehicle.
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