My Father was a Police Officer Killed in the Line of Duty



My father was a police officer.
He lost his left arm in an auto accident before he became a police officer. He was killed on duty while taking taking a drunk man to jail after a domestic dispute.
There was no divider between the front and back seat of his patrol car. The man got his gun away from my dad and shot him. His murderer was released after five years. This took place in 1966.
Is there any legal action that can be taken?  Michigan has employment standards for law enforcement officers, which state, “Must be free from any physical defects, chronic diseases, organic diseases, organic or functional conditions which may tend to impair the efficient performance of a law enforcement officer’s duties or which might endanger the lives of others or the law enforcement officer.”
Missing one arm is NOT free from defects! Not having a divider in the car was wrong.
Is there any case??

–James, St. Clair Shores, MI


Your father’s death is a tragedy and still rings true 36 years later. However, the statute of limitations (filing deadline) has long since expired. I am sorry.