My Workers’ Comp Insurance Won’t Cover the Vehicle I Need



I have a work comp case. I fell off a house at work and I’m now paralyzed from waist down; T-10 complete paralysis. I left my comp case open and am getting my wages and medical. I thought the work comp insurance was responsible for buying me a van. I turned in a few quotes on a new van, but they wont buy it, claiming I don’t need a van, just a truck with controls and a lift in back for the chair.
I can’t get into a truck, and if I could my chair and the lift are exposed to rain and snow, which isn’t good. I need a van. I got hurt in 2001 and think I’ve waited long enough.


If you are unable to be self-sufficient as a result of your work injury, it is possible to hold the employer or its workers’ compensation insurance carrier responsible for purchase of a suitable handicap-accessible vehicle. Our firm has successfully handled many such cases.
If you are not currently represented by counsel, I would strongly recommend that you retain the services of an attorney or law firm in or near your community whose practice is concentrated in the field of Illinois workers’ compensation law, and to do so without further delay.