Taste of Chicago Turns Sour for Two


Chicago Accident: Taste of Chicago

ATV Accident

According to a recent article by Carlos Sadovi of the Chicago Tribune, the Taste of Chicago was not festal for two attendees. Two adults were struck by an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) used to collect garbage at the festival. The driver who was operating the vehicle under a private vendor ultimately was cited for hitting the two people.
According to a Chicago Fire Department spokesman, Juan Hernandez, “The two adult victims were struck at about 7:15 p.m. and were taken in serious-to-critical condition to Northwestern Memorial Hospital.”

Medical conditions are rarely used by physicians, but they are commonly used by the news media. According to Robert Shmerling, M.D.; serious condition is a state where vital signs may be unstable and abnormal, and indicators are questionable, while critical condition is a state where vital signs are abnormal and unstable, the person may be unconscious and indicators are unfavorable.
Josh McGhee built on this story reporting that Officer Jose Estrada, a Chicago Police spokesman said, “The driver of the ATV had reversed the ATV before striking the two.” According to a Taste of Chicago booth manager who witnessed the crash, “It appeared the driver didn’t realize he had put the ATV in reverse… he was at a full stop and floored it not knowing it was in reverse. He looked as surprised as everyone else once he started going backward.”
While the ATV shot backwards through the grass, people leapt out of the way. Unfortunately, a woman who was sitting with her family was run over and a man was also struck by the ATV. Onlookers rushed to aid the injured, while emergency personnel made their way to the scene. The manager stated that there were visible tire tracks on the woman’s legs.
McGhee stated, “City officials overseeing the Taste refused to comment. Cindy Gatziolis, a spokeswoman for the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events, would not identify the private company involved. She referred questions to police and fire officials.”
Negligence, in simple legal terms, means carelessness that leads to an injury. Without duty – a person or company must owe you a duty in order for them to be potentially negligent – there can be no negligence. Typically, a duty of reasonable care or ordinary care (not being careless) is the duty owed. Illinois law states that automobile operators, general contractors, business owners, etc. owe the general public a duty of reasonable care. In order to win in a negligence action, it must be proven that the Defendant owed the injured Plaintiff a duty, was careless and that carelessness caused the injury in question.
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