Workers’ Comp at My Job Went Bankrupt



I was injured on my job over 1 1/2 yrs ago. Did get a lawyer, case was made and then found out that my workcomp on my job filed bankruptcy. My lawyer said it would go to the Illinois work commission.
I call once in a while to see how it is going, he never returns my calls, nor does his secretary. When I do get hold of her she says she knows nothing. I still hurt, no resolution and here I sit.
The lawyer always says It will be a long time sitting at the work commission waiting to be heard. My bills still piling up. This was a knee injury and I had surgery. Still not right … please what do I do and is this the procedure?



An attorney refusing to talk to you is inexcusable. Whose side is he on?
As to the bankruptcy, even if the company went bankrupt, this doesn’t mean that their insurance company went bankrupt. This is where your remedy is. If the insurance company went bankrupt, then the Illinois Guarantee Fund pays.
If you trust your lawyer, meet with him and stay with him. If you don’t, get a new lawyer.
You come first. Not him.