Our Fee Structure

What is the fee structure and charge?

Our fees range from 20% to 33.33% (one-fifth to one-third) of the compensation recovered depending on the type of case.  Further, we front the costs of litigation so there is no risk to you. Unlike many law firms, we do not ask you to pre-pay costs or pay interest on the costs.

In a worker’s compensation case, our fees are set by statute at 20%.  The 20% and costs (for items like doctor’s fees for depositions, filing fees, etc) are recovered out of the final settlement. In the very unlikely event of no recovery, we receive no fee and do not recover the costs.

Regarding jury cases, such as construction “third party” cases, automobile, trucking, nursing home, maritime, FELA, motorcycle, premises liability and products liability, our fee is 1/3rd of the compensation recovered. We forward the costs as discussed above. There is no recovery by our firm unless we win.

We have run across a variety of situations where we have reduced our fees in order to obtain a reasonable sum for our clients. We have also been hired by many who had terminated their lawyers due to poor work.  In that situation, we paid their prior lawyer’s fee out of our fee.  We have also lowered fees when a client has hired us after receiving a previous offer to settle from the insurance carrier.

In the end, whether a case settles or goes to jury trial is up to you, the client.  We provide you with the information you need to know in order to make an informed decision.  Our attorneys know that our clients must have faith and trust in our firm. As third generation family lawyers, we have learned how to successfully battle the wealthiest adversaries in our society, the insurance industry.

In conclusion, our fee structure rewards our firm only if you are compensated.