What Doctors Can I Go To Under the Workers’ Compensation Act in Illinois?


The Workers’ Compensation Act

The Workers’ Compensation Act is a very complex statute that is difficult to understand, and you can be sure that an insurance adjuster will do little or nothing to help you understand it. Under Illinois law, there are some basic rights that you should understand in order to help you better navigate through the system.

Can I Choose My Own Doctors?

If you have been injured you have the right to receive medical treatment. In Illinois, injured workers are allowed to choose their own doctors; under a rule commonly known as the “Two Doctor Rule.” This rule allows an injured worker (you) to initially choose two doctors to see. These doctors can then refer you to other health care providers or specialists for additional treatments.
Only the first two doctors you choose to see and the doctors they refer you to will be covered under workers’ compensation. If you go see another doctor besides the first two and you were not referred to them by one of the first two, it will not be covered by workers’ compensation; however, any doctor that you were referred to by one of the original two choices can make refer you to other doctors and it will be covered under workers’ compensation! An added point, if you go to an E.R. doctor right from the accident, then they will not count as your first doctor. A little bit trickier, if your boss takes you to the company doctor, then it most likely will count as your first doctor. Therefore, always be careful in considering your choices. The last important note to make is to always remember to get a referral.
A good first doctor to see would be a general practitioner, family doctor, or occupational medicine specialist. Occupational medicine specialists are great because their expertise is in work related injuries! Some people want to see a chiropractor as one of their first two choices. With all due respect, it is a smarter decision to have a family doctor or general practitioner refer you to see a chiropractor. Chiropractor’s opinions will have less weight in an insurance adjuster or arbitrator’s mind if the case were to go to trial. Therefore, you should always have medical opinions from a licensed doctor.
View changes to the “Two Doctor Rule” here.
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