10 Injured In Manhattan Special Needs Bus Accident With FedEx Van

Multiple People Injured In FedEx Van Accident With Special Needs Bus In Manhattan By West Manhattan Road and South Ridge Road

10 Injured In Manhattan Special Needs Bus Accident With FedEx Van

MANHATTAN, NEW YORK (October 20, 2023) – At least 10 people were injured when a Manhattan special needs bus was involved in a collision with a FedEx van.

Will County officials are saying that the accident took place around 3:00 p.m. on Thursday. A special needs bus collided with a FedEx van under uncertain conditions.

Photos of the aftermath showed damage to the lefthand side of the FedEx van. Ten people were injured in the crash and one person was seriously injured after being ejected from the bus.

Firefighters and paramedics were called to the scene in order to help all of the victims. The person ejected from the bus was taken to the hospital with major injuries.

Nine other people were taken to the hospital as a precaution. A full investigation into the crash remains ongoing at this time.

Liability For Manhattan Bus Accidents

A large number of people are injured or killed in bus accidents each year. According to The Journalist’s Resource, “about 63,000 buses [of all kinds] are involved in an accident each year; about 14,000 result in an injured person, and 325 result in a fatal injury. About 50 passengers (including the driver) are killed, on average, in a given year.” Buses are normally very safe for bus passengers, but these vehicles are more prone to certain collisions such as rollovers. There are many steps that bus drivers should take in order to avoid collisions and prevent injury.

  • Bus drivers should be well rested before starting their shift.
  • Bus drivers must ensure that all special needs passengers are properly secured in their seat.
  • Bus drivers must check their blind spots before making turns.
  • Bus drivers must always use their turn signals to alert drivers of their intentions.

Buses are considered common carriers under the law and their drivers are held to a high standard in terms of safety. This is set forth under the Common Carrier Liability Act (740 ILCS 25/). Many bus accidents involve drivers that make dangerous left turns or fail to yield the right of way to oncoming vehicles. If a bus driver fails to exercise due care in order to avoid a collision, this could form the basis of a negligence claim.

A bus company could also be liable for a collision if the bus driver failed to properly secure certain bus passengers. For example, certain special needs passengers might enter the bus system in a wheelchair. There are specific methods and regulations with respect to how wheelchairs need to be secured. If a bus driver fails to follow those laws, this could have catastrophic consequences. Victims of bus collisions tend to suffer very serious and costly injuries.

  • Broken bones
  • Head injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Organ damage
  • PTSD

It is possible for multiple entities to be liable for any collision. Car accidents tend to be very complex events. They are influenced by a variety of factors and circumstances. Any person that is injured in a bus accident may have legal recourse through a civil claim. Damages in a civil claim can help cover many of the unexpected expenses that can come with a serious injury.

Investigating Manhattan FedEx Van Accidents

We at Horwitz Horwitz & Associates extend our best wishes to all of the people injured in this crash. It is our sincere hope that everyone involved is able to make a full recovery. There needs to be a thorough investigation into what happened so that similar incidents can be prevented.

Have you or someone that you care about been injured in a Manhattan bus accident? There are a number of laws designed to protect your rights. Our team of bus accident attorneys are here to help you in any way that we can. We are committed to helping accident victims get the medical and financial support that they need in order to recover. Whether you just have legal questions or need any type of support we are here for you. You can reach out to us anytime at (312) 564-4256.