Chicago Injury Lawyer News: Speeding Sports Car Causes Major Accident


Speeding Causes Accidents

Speeding is a very dangerous form of reckless behavior, but it is often overshadowed by drunk and distracted driving. It’s important to raise awareness of the dangers of speeding to try to decrease the number of preventable car wrecks that occur each year on U.S. roadways.
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), more than 9,900 people died in 2011 in speeding-related auto wrecks. That represents 31 percent of all car accident deaths that year.

A recent accident in Chicago sheds light on the dangers of speeding. CBS News reports that the driver of a Camaro lost control of the vehicle and swerved into oncoming traffic. He collided with a pickup truck in a head-on collision that caused several deaths. Witnesses say that Aiman Salem was driving the Camaro at 100 mph before the accident.
Hector Gonzalez was behind the wheel of the pickup. He was taking his wife and 13-year-old son to his brother’s house to celebrate Independence Day. Both he and his wife died in the car accident. His teenage son suffered severe injuries in the wreck and is receiving treatment at a hospital
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Car Accident Leads to DUI Charges for Chicago Driver

Drunk-driving crashes also account for approximately 30 percent of fatal car crashes in the United States. According to the NHTSA, more than 10,300 people died during drunk-driving accidents in 2012. A Chicago driver just contributed to that statistic
CBS News reports that Nicholas Raspanti was charged with multiple counts of aggravated DUI in connection to the crash that killed Jazef Brzek. Raspanti only suffered injuries, but the occupants of the other vehicle weren’t so lucky. Raspanti struck the vehicle that Jozef Brzek was in, who later died.

Doctors Say Brzek Suffered Several Serious Injuries in the Car Crash

Raspanti is facing two aggravated DUI charges for the incident. His judge set a $500,000 bail, and the accused will appear in court at the beginning of August. Aggravated DUI is a Class 4 felony, and he could be sentenced to a total of six years in prison for the crash. His judge could also order him to pay a $50,000 fine.
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