Distracted Driver Hits and Kills Elderly Woman

Distracted driving is an epidemic that shockingly receives little attention in our culture. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, cellphone use caused 23 percent of all car accidents in 2011, meaning distracted driving was involved in 1.3 million crashes that year.
If that’s not shocking enough, the administration also reports approximately 27 percent of adults have sent text messages while driving. The scope of the problem isn’t limited to texting; using a cellphone for GPS or social media is just as dangerous.

New York Daily News reports 89-year-old Phyllis Gordon died in a car accident while riding with her granddaughter and great granddaughter. Police say the driver slowed to turn off of the road when another motorist rear-ended them. The other motorist’s phone records paint a terrifying picture.

The Driver Was Texting and Using Social Media When She Struck the Other Car

Phone records show the driver, Abby Sletten, had just finished text-messaging and had begun to look at Facebook on her phone while driving at least 85 mph. She failed to see the car ahead of her and caused the collision. If she had taken her eyes off of the road for even 4 seconds, she would have travelled more than 100 yards without looking at the road, so it’s not surprising she didn’t notice the changing traffic conditions.
Despite several attempts to revive Gordon, she died at the scene of the wreck. She is survived by 17 great-grandchildren. Authorities quickly took action. They arrested Sletten and charged her with negligent homicide. Sletten claims she doesn’t remember texting before the car accident.
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Woman Speaks Out Against Distracted Driving After Horrifying Accident

Like most people, Christina Jahnz thought she could safely check a message on her phone. By the time she looked back at the road, she was colliding with a barrier.
A large, metal rail penetrated her truck’s compartment and impaled her. Rescue workers were amazed she survived the accident.
CNET reports doctors expect her to fully recover after several surgeries. She released multiple graphic images of her injuries in an attempt to deter others from making her mistake.
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