Tractor-Trailer Crashes into Closed Construction Site

In construction, all workers are exposed to dangers and hazards every day. However, highway construction workers are the most at-risk in the industry because they must face distracted and reckless drivers in addition to the normal hazards. According to the Federal Highway Administration, there were 87,606 work-zone crashes in 2010. Approximately 30 percent of those accidents led to serious injury.
One local Department of Transportation was fed up with the high number of highway-construction crashes and decided to close the highway at night to mitigate some of the danger. It was a wise decision, because the FHA reports that 70 percent of these types of accidents occur at night. Unfortunately, there is no way completely to close the area during the day, and a truck accident occurred shortly after reopening the highway.

Tractor-Trailer Accident Shows Risks in Work Zones

Trib Live News reports that a tractor trailer crashed through a median before jackknifing and colliding with several barriers in the work zone. The Department of Transportation pointed to the crash as a reason for closing the highway during the evenings.
Officials cited the fact that several construction workers at that site have needed to dive out of the way of reckless drivers this year. One worker was even clipped by a passing vehicle. These are not rare occurrences, and they are common at work-sites all across the country.
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3 Construction Workers Hurt in Work Zone Crash

Workers on these sites are left exposed and vulnerable to passing traffic. Barriers and signs are no match for an out-of-control vehicle, and injury accidents are very common.
Better Roads reports that a pickup truck entered a construction zone after veering from the highway and struck three workers. Emergency crews transported all three to local hospitals. Unfortunately, one of the workers died en route before he could reach the emergency room. Police say that the worker is survived by his wife and children.
Police say they have increased enforcement in the area during the past few weeks, but there is no way to prevent every crash. They believe that the pickup driver may have been fatigued, which is a serious form of negligent driving. So far, police have not arrested the driver.
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