Worker Sues Sugar Company for $2.5 Million for Serious Burns

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that there were more than 4,000 construction site accidents in the United States during the last calendar year. This represents a slight drop compared to previous years, and authorities believe that tighter controls and safety measures are the main reasons behind the decline. Even so, construction site accidents are concerns across the country, and each year, a number of workers die or sustain serious injuries on work-sites.

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Man Sues American Crystal for Millions After Burn Accident

Forum News Service reports that a man is suing American Crystal Sugar Company and another construction company for $2.5 million after he sustained serious burns at an East Grand Forks factory. Scalding hot beet juice trapped the man and caused serious burns and disfigurement.
The victim worked at the plant during a union lockout, and the accident happened when he was replacing a part on the containers drainpipe. As the man was tightening the bolts on the pipe, hot beet juice squirted from inside. He was trapped and unable to easily escape.
The man claims the company was negligent as it failed to maintain and care for the joints on the equipment. He is suing the company for the $2.5 million that he says he has incurred in the form of medical expenses following the accident.

Crane Pins Construction Worker on Building Site

The Chicago Daily Herald reports that a man sustained critical injuries on a construction site when a large crane pinned him to the ground. He was working on a barge on the Fox River. The man was pinned by a part that state firefighters claim weighs thousands of pounds.
The accident was under the Interstate 90 bridge and involved a 51-year-old man from Illinois. Firefighters raced to the scene, and they were able to extricate the man from beneath the crane. Emergency responders administered life support while transporting him to a nearby hospital for treatment. The cause of the accident is still unknown, and it remains under investigation.
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