$6.9 Million Settlement Awarded To Woman Passenger Injured In Collision With CTA Utility Truck.

March 2024. Chicago Personal Injury attorneys Mike Wierzbicki and Tom Kelliher of Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates recovered $6.9 Million dollars from the Chicago Transit Authority due to their negligence resulting in a collision with a passenger vehicle.

On April 16, 2019, a woman was a passenger in a Chevy Cruze sedan driving down Lake St. westbound in Chicago.  Defendant CTA, in a Utility Truck, T-boned and crashed into the passenger side of the woman’s sedan.  For over 4 years ago, Defendant CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) disputed it was at fault, but at the time of trial admitted their liability—that this was their fault.    As the result of the crash, our client experienced significant cervical neck pain and low back pain and endured over four years of conservative medical treatment and medical procedures.  At the time of trial, the treating neurosurgeon recommended future fusion surgeries of the cervical spine and lumbar spine.

Mike Wierzbicki concentrates on trucking accident litigation, and this is one of a long line of recoveries he has achieved on behalf of our clients.  He has prevailed in every trucking accident case he has prosecuted.