3 Hazards that Cause Construction Accidents

Every job brings with it a unique set of hazards. Of course, some are worse than others.
Desk jobs can induce carpal tunnel syndrome and strain the eyes, whereas linemen work at death-defying heights every day. Construction work consistently ranks high on lists of the most dangerous because employees face an incredibly large number of hazards on the job. We’ve listed three of the top hazards that cause accidents on building sites.

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Berm and Trench Cave-ins

When most people think about construction work, they imagine nails and hammers, but digging trenches is a large part of most construction projects. The same is true for building dirt berms.
These are dangerous jobs because even small miscalculations on the angles of the trench walls can lead to a collapse. In the event of a cave-in, hundreds of pounds of soil can bury unfortunate workers.
FOX News reports that two construction workers are lucky to be alive after a berm collapses on their heads while they were working under a highway overpass. It took firefighters 20 minutes to reach the men; both survived the incident but required hospitalization.

Toxic Chemicals

Construction workers often handle hazardous chemicals, and small mistakes can easily put lives in jeopardy. KTVB News reports that two workers died after inhaling toxic fumes while building a new sewage system.
Bo Taylor, a 19-year-old worker, was working below a manhole cover when he passed out and began to drown in the shallow water. His coworker, Trent Sorenson, had asthma but heroically attempted to save Taylor. However, the fumes overpowered the pair.
Emergency crews took them both to the hospital in critical condition, and both passed away later that day. A preliminary investigation suggests that a PVC liner reacted with a sealant and caused the fumes.


Believe it or not, the loud noises on construction sites can cause serious injuries and even death. This is because when an accident is in progress, coworkers may not be able to hear shouts for help.
Amarillo Globe-News reports that this is the situation that put a worker in the hospital last week. Authorities say an asphalt roller began to slowly run over a worker, and the noise from the worksite prevented the driver from hearing the man’s shouts for help. The worker is alive, but he suffered very serious internal injuries in the accident.
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