7 Reasons to Wear a Motorcycle Helmet

There are some reasons not to wear a motorcycle helmet. Helmets are cumbersome and uncomfortable. Furthermore, they eliminate the feel of the open road. Additionally, a 1986 study claimed that added helmet weight increases the chances of neck and spine injuries. But most scientists question Jonathan Goldsein’s conclusions.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are a number of very good reasons to wear a helmet. Some of them are scientifically grounded, and others are matters of taste. However, all of them are important.

Motorcycle helmet on ground after motorcycle accident

Fatality Reduction

According to the Centers for Disease Control, motorcycle helmets save roughly 1,500 lives per year. That number does not sound very high, unless your family happens to be one of the 1,500. Additionally, life is very precious. If preserving a motorcycle rider’s life is uncomfortable, inconvenient, or statistically uncertain, that risk is worth taking.

On a related note, some people think that if they were hurt in a wreck and not wearing a helmet, they have no claim for compensation. That’s not always true. So, it is always important to speak with a Chicago motorcycle crash lawyer about your rights. 

Face Guard

Motorcycle helmets usually include plastic face guards. This shield keeps the sun from damaging your retina and impairing your vision, keeps bugs off your face, and keeps the wind out of your eyes. Moreover, the face guard, and the face itself, serves as protective crumple zone for the brain. Facial injuries are a lot easier to correct than permanent brain injuries.

Increased Visibility

Most drivers do not watch for motorcycle riders. Most riders who have gone down probably heard the other driver say something like “I never even saw you.” Motorcycle helmets, especially brightly-colored helmets, increase visibility.

Better Design

Today’s headgear may still be cumbersome and uncomfortable, but this is not your father’s motorcycle helmet. Most helmets have a sleek design and a relatively light weight. These design improvements effectively overcome many helmet objections. And, just like the smartphone in your pocket, helmet design and construction is constantly improving.

Get Used To It

Illinois currently has no helmet law, but that state of affairs may not last forever. Forty-seven states and the District of Columbia, have mandatory helmet laws. Additionally, you may not live in Illinois forever. Riding with a helmet requires some adjustment. So, the quicker you adjust, the more prepared you’ll be when the environment changes.

Bluetooth Capability

Yes, we could have included this point with the better construction point above. But Bluetooth capability is such a big deal that it merits its own point. Listening to music while riding is a major advantage. Bluetooth helmets are usually not too expensive either, and the cost is getting lower.

Injury Reduction

It is fitting that this list begin and end with rider safety. Even if the figures are exaggerated, there is no doubt that motorcycle helmets decrease brain injuries. These injuries are among the most costly personal injuries, as well as the most difficult injuries to correct. Reducing their severity even a little could mean fewer days in the hospital.

Reach Out to Dedicated Lawyers

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