Can a Youth Group Home be Held Liable for My Brother’s Death?



My 14-year-old brother was killed on 2-27-03 while being a resident at a Youth group home. It was a day when it was snowing and the neighbor of the group home had his truck trying to remove snow from his driveway and the Group home’s driveway.
My brother and several other boys were trying to help the man get his truck unstuck and my brother was on back of the truck and slipped off and was backed over entirely and was trapped under truck.
The people there were scared that if they removed the truck or lifted it up that it would hurt him more. They left him under the truck and he suffocated in the snow.
My question is would not only the man driving the truck be responsible but wouldn’t the group home be since they were responible for him while he was there? There should have been supervision outside where these kids were, etc.

–Wendy, Culpeper VA


What a tragedy.
I believe the driver was negligent and could be sued. You can also look into underinsured motorist coverage due to the lack of insurance. As to the Home being responsible, that is another matter. I cannot speak for VA law, but most states do not require this level of supervision.