Chicago Accident Attorney Discusses 4 Innovative Motorcycle Safety Features

Few experiences can match the adrenaline rush of riding a motorcycle, but this comes with a life-threatening risk. Thousands of bikers each year are involved in serious collisions resulting in serious injuries. Victims of such injuries can often turn to an accident lawyer to help them with their difficult situation.
Safety is now at the forefront of motorcycle development. Manufacturers are introducing new technologies to prevent crashes and protect riders who fall victim to other drivers’ negligence. First, it is important to understand some common causes of motorcycle accidents – described by an Illinois motorcycle accident attorney. Then, let’s look at some innovative and exciting developments in motorcycle safety.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

A motorcycle is quite different from a car or a truck; therefore, the causes of motorcycle accidents, the injuries, and the liability concerns involving motorcycle accidents are also uniquely separate from those of car accidents.
Due to the discernible difference in size between motorcycles, cars, and trucks; in addition to the openness of the motorcycle, it is apparent that motorcycles offer less protection to riders than do cars. Furthermore, the smaller size of the motorcycle can make it more difficult for other drivers to see the bike and rider.
Illinois law allows for an injured person to recover compensation if it can be proven that the person who caused the accident was negligent or careless; thus, contributing to the cause of the injury. When looking at motorcycle accidents, many times it is the driver of a car or truck who fails to exercise a reasonable standard of care. In these instances, if the driver of the car or truck fails to exercise this reasonable standard of care and it results in an injury to the motorcyclist, then the driver of the car or truck is liable for injuring the motorcycle rider.
Motorcycle accidents may also arise from defective motorcycle products. Here are two categories of defective motorcycle products:

  1. Defectively manufactured motorcycles and/or parts
  2. Motorcycles with an unreasonably dangerous design

A defectively manufactured motorcycle and/or parts would mean that the manufacturing of the motorcycle and/or parts was improper. A motorcycle with an unreasonably dangerous design would mean that the motorcycle was designed in a way that is dangerous and results in injury or other damages – not necessarily that it was improperly manufactured.

Innovative Safety Features

As stated before, safety is at the forefront of motorcycle development. The developments and innovations in airbags, helmets, ABS, and smart headlights may help to reduce motorcycle accidents on the roads.

Motorcycle Airbags

According to Big Bike Mad, there are several variations of motorcycle airbags that are currently in production. These are intended to protect riders in the event of a head-on collision.
In addition to airbags, several companies are developing airbag suits and jackets. The jackets attach to the motorcycle with a cord. If you crash the motorcycle, then the cord will detach from the bike and activate airbags around the neck.

Advanced Helmets

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, helmets are the single most effective piece of safety equipment that a motorcyclist can use. Wearing a helmet will drastically improve your chances of surviving a serious motorcycle accident, and many states require riders wear these by law.
Helmet manufacturers are strengthening their products by adding extra protection. For instance, some helmets now feature an airbag-type system within the lining of the helmet that inflates during a crash. Some other helmets release a cooling agent to help reduce swelling around the brain in the immediate aftermath of an accident.

Anti-Lock Braking Systems

Anti-lock braking systems are not just for cars. Manufacturers have been installing ABS in bikes since the late 80s, and they have helped reduce the rate of fatal motorcycle accidents. ABS on your bike will improve control during heavy braking. It appears that ABS will likely be a required safety feature for bikes in the future.

Smart Headlights

Headlights on motorcycles are hardly a new idea, but several manufacturers are developing smart headlights to help riders see around the bend. This technology initially started in vehicles, but BMW has since brought it to motorcycles. Intelligent lights will tilt along with the motorcycle, making the motorcycle and biker more visible, while providing a better view of the road ahead.

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