How to use crash scene photos to strengthen your case

You may have grounds for a personal injury claim when you are injured in a car accident. If you were hurt in a car crash, the at-fault driver will likely be held liable for compensating you. However, the only way you can receive compensation is by proving your injuries and expenses with evidence.

When filing a car accident claim, crash scene photos can be vital to getting the compensation you are due following your accident, but capturing the right things is just as important. Here’s what to capture on your phone or camera to give your lawyer the best chances to settle your claim.

crash scene photos

Photographs to take immediately after the crash

After your car accident, photos can help you and your lawyer strengthen your personal injury claim and get the funds you need for recovery following your wreck. The following are photographs to take immediately after the crash:

  • Position of vehicles
  • The general scene
  • Four sides and four corners of each vehicle
  • Damage to each vehicle
  • Road surface evidence
  • Any obstructions (road construction, closures, etc.)
  • License plates and driver’s licenses

Photos to take if you only have a few minutes

You may only have a short time to act following your car accident. You may be seriously injured and about to leave with the ambulance, for example, or you may be unable to stay at the accident scene. While your health should always come first, you may have a few moments to snap a picture of what happened.

When you are hurt or need to move quickly, prioritizing the correct details can give you more helpful evidence, even if you cannot get as much. In these cases, these pictures may be the most beneficial crash scene photos that your lawyer can use for your case:

  • Position of vehicles
  • Damage to each vehicle
  • Road surface evidence
  • Any obstructions

Other steps to take in the aftermath of a car crash

When you are involved in a car accident, other steps can make your recovery more straightforward and provide more evidence and support for your claim. For example, getting medical care can protect your health, prevent worsening injuries, and save your life. Even if you feel fine, this can be a vital step.

You will also need to report your accident as soon as possible. A police report from the scene can help you support your claim with a written statement from a police officer. You may also need to report your accident to the insurance company, which will respond to your accident quickly and investigate the scene as soon as possible.

How to use crash scene photos to strengthen your personal injury case

What can you do now that you have your car accident scene photos? You can collaborate with a Chicago attorney to use those photos from here. These images can strengthen your case and help you get the compensation you are due for your suffering.

That is because physical evidence fades over time. When you go to court, your car may be repaired, the road damage may be fixed, and missing signs may be replaced. These images are a snapshot of the scene after the accident.

Your lawyer can use these photos on their own, or they can use them to give the court a better idea of how your accident happened. For example, the type of damage done can be used in reconstructing the accident to determine who is liable for your accident. Take your pictures to your attorney to learn how they can benefit your case.

What a lawyer can do to help you strengthen your case

When you or a loved one have been injured in an accident, nonfatal or fatal car accident scene photos may be vital to your recovery. Unfortunately, you may be unsure what to photograph and how to use those photos. If you need help, let your lawyer help you use these photos to your advantage.

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