I Fell in a Pet Shop that Knew they had a Water Problem



I slipped and fell at a pet shop in Florida. The store has camera’s and I ended up breaking my shoulder and injuring my back. I had an M.R.I. done a few days after my fall and I also have an M.R.I. 8 months prior to the fall, to compare it to.
They knew they had the water problem and still had it 2 weeks after this happened. I have an employee as an eyewitness. I’m totally disabled as it is and now in a lot of pain. Do you think I may have a case?
–Dave, Ocala, FL


I don’t see why you wouldn’t have a case. You seem to have stated all the elements. You came onto someone’s premises as a customer. They had a water problem that they knew or should have known about. You were injured as a result. (Get photos of the defect if you can)
Find a personal injury specialist in your area to protect your rights. Don’t hire a real estate lawyer, or a criminal lawyer, etc. Find a personal injury specialist. Someone who does nothing but jury trials and personal injury law. Since we only practice here in IL, we are not permitted to represent you in Fla. and therefore this advice is the best service I can provide to you. Your injury is serious and you need to be well represented.