I Fell in a Store and Injured My Knee



On July 11, 2002, I fell in a puddle of water at a store. After 2 doctor visits and an extensive MRI of the Right knee, my doctor informed me today I have to have surgery and it is already scheduled for 08/06/2002.

–Deborah, Houston


The store has a duty to exercise reasonable care for your safety. You will likely have to prove that they either caused the unsafe condition or should have known about it. If it was a natural accumulation of water, you may not have a claim.
However, since your accident happened in Texas, you are facing some of the worst laws in the nation. Texas is not plaintiff-friendly. It does not sympathize with people that get hurt and its laws are written to protect the companies that injure rather than the people who they injure.
Since your accident happened in Texas, you will have to obtain advice on local law from a Houston Lawyer.