I Need Help/Protection from OWCP



I was injured on Oct. 01, ‘01. I am a federal meat inspector. I felt something pop in my left elbow. Went to Dr. S., was referred to to Dr. B., who is an orthopedic surgeon. FCE test was given, MRI was done on left shoulder, therapy was given.
Dr. B. released me to work with restrictions on 12/29/01. OWCP returned me to exact same job that had hurt me, on 05/06/02. I worked 3 hours and same thing happened.
Went to Dr. G., who put me on severe restrictions, recommended to OWCP I see a specialist in Witchita KS. No response from OWCP except that Dr. G’s diagnosis was denied because he was not a specialist. OWCP returned me to exact same job against Dr. G’s orders on 07/29/02.
I worked 1 hour and 15 minutes, same exact thing happened. I am restricted to no lifting, pushing, pulling, or grasping with left arm. My diagnosis is chronic left lateral epicondilytis with chronic left shoulder pain. My children are having to do my household chores because i can’t.
My family can’t count on my salary anymore, my husband has to work a lot harder to support us. OWCP has ruined my job credibility. I was scheduled to start vocational rehabilitation when I was put back to work. I feel Dr. B. didn’t take the time to review the FCE test results. Dr. G. reviewed tests and it clearly states that with increased activity there is increased pain, therefore I can’t continue to do the job.
I need some kind of help or OWCP will take the complete use of my left arm and I am 42 years old. What am i going to do?

–Karen, Neosho, MO


You must have an attorney protecting you under these dire circumstances you have described. You will have to get a Missouri lawyer. He/she certainly can represent you on the WC case and also evaluate if there is a medical malpractice situation. Like buying a good car or a good home, you owe it to yourself to do good research to find a top-notch personal injury specialist. A case can fall apart just like a lousy house, if you choose the wrong lawyer. I wish we practiced in Missouri to help you, but we do not.