Is My Cell Phone the Cause of My Problems?



I have had a cell phone since 1998. It’s my only phone so I’ve used it a lot.
I started off with a large clunky one that would get hot after using it for more than a few minutes. For the first few years I never really thought about it hurting me, but in 2001 I started noticing severe pain in my right ear, the ear that I have used for talking on the phone a majority of my life.
I switched to my left ear because I could not take the pain any longer in my right. But after a few months of using my cell on my left ear I began to sustain pain there too. I quickly went out and got a head set for the phone. It has helped but I still have pain in my right ear.
I told my doctor this and he told me to stop using my cell phone. He would not admit or tell me that the cell phone was the problem but just said to stop using it. This concerned me.
He told me that it didn’t look like I had any symptoms of cancer. Then I said well you can’t know until there are x-rays or CATscans. Then he said he wouldn’t recommend a CATscan because there would be too much radiation.

–Nathan, Olympia, WA


Some persons have alleged that cell phones cause cancer. It is certainly clear that they radiate transmissions. However, there have been no reliable documented studies to back up this claim that I know of. Instead, the studies suggest that there is no link. Further, if the doctor doesn’t want to do a CAT scan or MRI or x-ray, this means he feels you do not have cancer.
Based on symptoms you have, I suggest you see an ear specialist. I would not assume it is cancer. Go see an “ENT” (Ear/Nose/Throat) doctor or an otolaryngologist. Its the same thing.
They can evaluate you ear for many different problems (including cancer). A general physician is not qualified to do that kind of work. You can then go from there. Meanwhile, save your cell phone in the event the doctor does determine you have a problem that might have been caused by the cell phone. If so, that particular cell phone may have a manufacturing defect or a unique defect based on a faulty part. The cell phone needs to be stored as evidence. I hope all turns out well for you.