Labor Day Safety Tips

The end of the summer is either celebrated (mostly by parents) or lamented (mostly by their kids). Labor Day is the unofficial end of summer for most people and is typically marked by some sort of celebration. A typical Labor Day event maybe a backyard barbecue, picnics at the park, or having some fun on the water. Whatever way you choose to celebrate the coming of Fall, our personal injury attorneys want you to be safe.

Cars driving on roadway during Labor Day Weekend

Road Trip Safety

Labor Day is a road trip weekend throughout the United States. Because there will be plenty of traffic on the roadways, please exercise caution. CBS reports that Labor Day averages 308 roadway fatalities and thousands of injuries each year. Before you hit the road for a long trip, make sure you are well-rested and plan your rest stops ahead of time. Make sure you have an up-to-date emergency kit in your vehicle and are informed of what to do after a car accident.

Water Fun

Many people head to the lake for a last recreational outing. Whether you are boating or jet skiing, make sure the equipment is all in working order. Make sure everyone has a personal floatation device and that you have an emergency first aid kit. Make sure you know the rules of the waterways and are familiar with Illinois boating laws.


Shooting fireworks can be a popular activity during Labor Day weekend.  The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) tells us that fireworks cause plenty of injuries each year. Data from their latest report shows that fireworks were involved in over 9,000 injuries treated in US hospitals in 2018.

Follow safety rules when shooting off fireworks and never let kids light them. Please know that sparklers are one of the main causes of fireworks burns and commonly affect children.

General Outdoor Safety

If you are planning on outdoor time on Labor Day, be careful as you prep the area. If you are using any power tools, make sure their cords are in good working order. Make sure any extension cord you use is designed for outdoor use and can handle the power required. If you are using a ladder, have someone hold it in place while you work.

Cooking Your Food

Make sure you know the proper cooking temperature for any food you will be preparing on Labor Day, whether you are cooking inside or grilling outside. Always wash your hands after touching raw meat. Never leave food out in the sun that required refrigeration.

Sun and Fun

Be mindful of the temperature and sunlight. Always wear sunscreen to prevent sunburns and keep drinking water available at all times. Even though this is the end of summer, the heat can still be tremendous. High heat and activity leads to dehydration emergencies.

Alcohol Use

Alcohol use can affect all aspects of Labor Day safety, whether we are talking about driving, boating, shooting fireworks, and more. If you plan to drink on Labor Day, moderation is the key. Never drive after drinking. Have a glass of water after each alcoholic drink so you stay hydrated. Alcohol combined with high temperatures and activity can lead to dehydration.