Seven most dangerous streets in Aurora, IL

Using fatal traffic crash data provided by the Illinois Department of Transportation for the years 2016 through 2021, we’ve identified the seven most dangerous streets in Aurora, Illinois. Be sure to practice extra caution when driving along these streets — and if you or a loved one does get into an accident, be sure to contact Horwitz, Horwitz & Associates to speak with an attorney.

1. Indian Trail

This straight-shot stretch of road runs from the west to the east side of Aurora and has been the site of five fatal accidents between 2016 and 2021. The particularly dangerous nature of this road may be explained by its high number of intersections, many of which lack traffic signals. Indian Trail also connects numerous residential neighborhoods, making it a heavily traveled road among local drivers.

dangerous streets in aurora indian trail

2. North Farnsworth Avenue

A long stretch of north-to-south traffic, North Farnsworth Avenue has been the site of four fatal accidents in a five-year period. This road is situated along a mix of residential and commercial development and intersects with countless other busy roads throughout the eastern side of Aurora, which can make for high traffic and an increased risk of accidents.

dangerous streets in aurora north farnsworth avenue

3. Broadway Avenue

Running along the east side of the Fox River, Broadway Avenue is a well-traveled route in Aurora. It was the site of four fatal accidents between 2016 and 2021, likely due in part to its proximity to Aurora’s most well-known attractions, including the Paramount Theatre, Hollywood Casino, and RiverEdge Park. At least two of the four fatalities that have occurred here in recent years involved pedestrians.

dangerous streets in aurora broadway avenue

4. Eola Road

Situated at the far eastern end of Aurora, this north-to-south thoroughfare was the site of three fatal accidents in recent years. With speed limits reaching 45 mph, drivers often take advantage of the open road and travel at unsafe speeds. This factor, along with the winding nature of the road, may contribute to its high number of fatal accidents.

dangerous streets in aurora eola road

5. Ogden Avenue

This diagonal east-to-west stretch of road is a main connecting point between Aurora and the surrounding townships. Ogden Avenue was the site of two fatal accidents between 2016 and 2021, both of which involved pedestrians. The speed limit on this road is as high as 45 mph at many points, and these high speeds can be particularly dangerous at Ogden Avenue’s many crosswalk-containing intersections.

dangerous streets in aurora ogden avenue

6. Illinois Avenue

Illinois Avenue serves as an important connecting point between downtown Aurora and the western suburbs. There have been two fatal accidents on this road in recent years, both occurring at night. The potential for danger is especially high here due to the limited availability of street lights and the presence of numerous intersections.

dangerous streets in aurora illinois avenue

7. Lake Street

Nestled along the west side of the Fox River, Lake Street was the site of three fatal accidents in a five-year period, two of which involved pedestrians. Much like the above-mentioned Broadway Avenue, Lake Street is lined with popular downtown Aurora attractions that make it a highly traveled route among drivers and pedestrians alike.

dangerous streets in aurora lake street

Contributing factors to street safety issues in Aurora

While certain roads may have more fatal accidents than others, the causes and contributing factors behind these crashes are often similar.  Pedestrian fatalities, for example, are often caused by drivers traveling at high speeds through Aurora’s busy downtown areas. Poor visibility due to the absence of street lights can also be a significant factor in fatal pedestrian accidents.

Many of Aurora’s intersections also lack traffic signals. When drivers speed through these intersections, others may not have time to react, leading to potentially fatal collisions.

Additionally, many of the fatal accidents on the streets listed above involved drunk drivers, emphasizing the importance of remaining sober while behind the wheel. Other common causes of fatal accidents in Aurora include distracted driving, fatigue, and aggressive driving.

Fortunately, these factors are often preventable. While drivers have little control over the structural elements of Aurora’s streets, severe traffic accidents can often be attributed to a combination of factors, including driver negligence. By remaining vigilant and adhering to traffic laws, drivers can go a long way in preventing collisions.

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