My Employer Says I Don’t Need Treatment



I’m from Alaska. I injured my back lifting 2 cases of antifreeze that were taped together. I am fighting the insurance adjuster pro se (this means he is representing himself, acting as his own attorney. I need to know if i can object to the employer’s case manager interfering with my doctor. I’m due to get a discography in my lower back on Aug. 23. How do I overcome this to not let the employer say I don’t need the test?

–Terry, Fairbanks


If you are getting discography, this means the doctors suspect annular tears or discogenic pain. This means you are having some very painful back problems that are difficult to diagnose. Yet, you are going about this pro se? Let me ask you, would you let a non-physician do the discogram? Would you let a non-physician take a long needle and inject dye into your spine/ discs? I bet you would not. You would be terrified for your personal health and of course you should be. Well, going it alone with a serious back injury in a workers compensation case is the same thing. While it may or may not cause you additional physical harm, it can lead to financial and career devastation.
I can tell you that we frequently allow the company nurses to follow the care and treatment. Frequently they are quite helpful in getting needed care quickly. However, it should always be done with the guidance of any attorney, someone who can make sure you are protected by the laws of the State of Alaska. We don’t practice there, but I am sure you can find some attorneys who do a good job in protecting their clients. They aren’t in the majority, but they exist. Do a thorough search.
Your attorney will know how to deal with the employer who doesn’t want you to get a discogram. Only a Chicago back injury lawyer can.
At only a 20% contingency fee, its the best deal in town in every way for you.
Get an attorney, please, for your sake.